Bank Accounts

International Bank Transfer

You can pay off your invoices, on request, by making an international bank transfer to the company's accounts in Greece. Here is a list of our IBANs:

  1. Pireaus Bank: GR54 0171 2530 0062 5316 5403 620 Swift code: PI RBGRAA

Paying by debit/credit card

There are two ways you can pay off your invoice using your debit/credit card.

  1. Either by accessing our e-pos (provided by VivaWallet) directly, type the amount as well as your name and/or project code or,
  2. request an e-mail be sent to you directly to your e-mail account with prefilled data.

If you have any trouble, please contact us at sales [at] latexify [dot] org and we'll guide you step by step or if you wish please fill in the claim form and select "Invoing" as the Claim type.

Utilizing IRIS

You can utilize the IRIS service to pay us off directly and at low cost by just typing our Tax Identification Number that you can find on the foother of this page or by scanning the following QR code below.