Legal Entity

TECHNOTYPIA GENERAL PARTNERSHIP known by its discrete name “”, hereinafter “we”, “us”, “our”, “”, “”, “the company”, is a general partnership incorporated under Greek law. Its Tax Identification Number is GR 802177952 whereas its ACCI number is ELGEMI 171534440000.

The name of the company is closely linked to the TeX system designed by Donald Knuth and is derived from the Greek word τέχνη (pron. téchni) meaning art.


The story behind the foundation of the company is quite funny actually. Tolaso J Kos, inspired by an ad on Facebook, contacted the other partner, Grigorios Kostakos, and proposed that the individual work done by both of them separetaly be combined into one legal form under one Tax Identification Number.

A bried discussion took place over the telephone and both parties agreed. The name “LaTeXify” was proposed as the name of the company (a contraction of the words LaTeX and creatify) but Greek law only permits Greek words be the name of a company. Thus, LaTeXify was kept as the discrete name of the company. A few legal problems that arose, were resolved rather quickly. A charter was created in the months that came and so ... in June, 2023 TECHNOTYPIA G.P came to life.

TECHNOTYPIA G.P is the first of its kind in Greece according to the services it provides. Worldwide, there are 2 more companies that provide similar services.


Our aim is to provide our customer with high quality beautiful documents written exclusively in LaTeX either these are theses or beamers, books, articles, etc. In view of that, we tap into the incredible power of LaTeX using a plethora of packages, libraries and macros into our documents. This way we get the desired result.

Throught out the implementation of the project, we are in constant touch with the end customer taking into account his/her notes.

We offer our services throughout the world; from east to west! We never rest until we fully satisfy our customers, that is you!

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